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So I needed a bright yellow recolor of this particular hair for a Sim I'm building, and I said, "What the hell, I'll do all 40 of Pooklet's colors and make it a present."

True story.

These are retextured in the infamous Nymphy Curls (which are one of my favorite textures ever) and recolored in all 40 of Pooklet's actions.  The Naturals are properly binned and familied (and will show up as such), elders will go gray and the files are linked to the blacks.  The Customs are properly eye-searing and awesome.  All files are labeled and Compressorized.  Mesh is included and enabled for all ages.

Masses of credits:

JulieJ for the mesh
Nouk, Nymphy, Pooklet, Pinketamine for the curls texture
Pooklet for the color actions
CatOfEvilGenius for the Color Binning Tool
Simtroverted for pointing out a various obvious fact that led me to figure out why my files weren't working properly

GoS Secret Santa Gift to Arget
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 I made things!  I really need to post more here then on Simblr (said every Simblr EVER) so here's my Secret Santa gift to Arget at GoS for 2013!

First up is a retexture of Sizz's sweater mesh.  You can grab the mesh at MTS if you don't already have it.  I retextured the sweater, added some little details, and slapped on some Aikea jeans textures because they're my favorite.  It comes in 8 colors, 4 different jeans textures, and looks quite smashing on the lads.  In the download, there are two folders to choose from: Outerwear or Casual + Outerwear.  Pick which one you'd like.  AM only.

Next we have Lyholy's Suede Jacket mesh for the ladies.  The mesh is included in this download.  I re-alphaed and retextured the sweater, slapped more Aikea textures on the jeans, and combined different colors for jacket and sweater.  The jacket texture is Lyholy's original.  Same options available, enabled for Outerwear only or Outerwear and Casual.


Then I made some eyes.  I now understand why people who make eyes have trouble stopping.  It's really kind of fun.

Anyway, these are from Mouseyblue's Lucky Eye Mix collection, the one called "Bat".  I retextured them some myself and used AlfredAskew's adjusted schlera that she had graciously built into an uber-psd file for editing.  40 fabulous colors named from The Forge because why not?  They're custom only.

Finally, I recolored Buggybooz's Craftsman set (love this set) using Goat's "Pecan" wood texture and twelve of Pooklet's Natural colors.  The armchair's have patterns from Paper Street Designs, the sofa has a worn leather texture, and the dining chairs have both kinds of patterns available.  I made the fabric colors to match the patterns.  I didn't recolor the fireplace, but that was the only thing from the set I didn't do.  Meshes are included.

Wood colors:


Pattern swatches:

Leather swatches:


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 I made a thing.  


The mesh is included and all files compressorized.  More pics here.

Now I am anxiously awaiting my Secret Santee assignment...as in checking GoS every hour or so.  :P

Welcome to Starktropolis!
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What if the Avengers were sucked into an alternate reality where they had to build civilization from scratch?

Well, then you'd have STARKTROPOLIS, my superhero BACC based more on less on nepheris' ruleset.  I've taken all the CC out of my game when I was making walls and stuff, so I uploaded some Synaptic Sim's superheroes and my defaults and voila!  

No storytelling here, although the ruleset I'm using is built for a more storytelling chassis.  I'm just taking hilarious pictures of superheroes in costume doing mundane things because it amuses me.  

The households will be rotated as follows:

Iron Man / Pepper Potts (founder)
Ant-Man / Wasp
Spiderman / Thor / Hulk / Captain America
Black Widow / Hawkeye
The Fantastic Four 

Gossamer Glen - The Siding Project (Part 1)
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A present for you!  (I was going to wait until I reached 25 Simblr followers, but eh.)

Part 1 of several.  I’m going to work through the Maxis recolors first.

18 new colors of Maxis’ Advanced Clapboard Sidings with plain, right accent, and left accent versions.  That makes for 54 new walls!  Also, as you can see from the color swatch, the accent piece matches the siding instead of being white.  I love white accents, but Gossamer Glen isn’t so shiny. 

Shown is Boston Brick on a craptacular Maxis house.  There's a couple of other pics at my Simblr.

All files all labeled and compressorized, and a collection file is included.

Happy Downloading! 

No surprise, really.
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 I've gone and made one of those Simblr things.  There are pretty things there.

EDIT: Grammar, dear.  Ugh, I hate typing things when I'm sleep deprived.

Gossamer Glen
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So in the midst of my previously on hold project of Amberlin and now Adventures In Crowby, I've started something else.

I have a problem with starting projects.

Read more...Collapse )</div>

Adventures in Crowby Update (Chapter 1.1!)
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Did I mark that last one as 1.1?  I'm already confused.

Chapter 1.1 - Shaping the Future - In which we see James gearing up for promotions and an important proposal.

Previous Chapters
Chapter 1.0 - Unexpected Gift
Chapter 0 - The Intro

Adventures In Crowby Update! (Chapter 1.0)
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 I figured I'd post these in order, although you can blast through from the beginning if you want.

Chapter 1.0 - Unexpected Gift - Speed dating at its finest!  James meets his true love in less than six hours of living here!

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 0 - The Intro

Adventures In Crowby
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 Amberlin, naturally, is already on hold because it's very time-consuming and also the theme I'm using doesn't want to work with the new Wordpress version.  :P

So, I've started ANOTHER project - Adventures in Crowby.  It's primarily supposed to be a writing exercise for me; I haven't written anything in years and it's something I enjoy.  I'm using the amazing Rory's Story Cubes for inspiration - before every chapter I'm rolling them and incorporating my results into the story...somehow.  It's also a Legacy story and a Build-A-City except that I'm not playing by the rules...like at all.  I'm trying to build the entire city of Crowby out of relatives of my founder.  Once he has children moving out, getting married, and starting their own families, I will then be switching to the BACC style and playing each household for the same amount of time.

If any of that sounds remotely interesting, you can check it out here:

Chapter 0 - The Intro - Where we introduce our test subject founder and show off his crappy house.

I have to jump in and edit his stats because I haven't yet.  Otherwise it's done.  So is Chapter 1.0.  I'm working on Chapter 1.1 now.  STUFF TO READ!!!

EDIT: And now Dreamwidth is bitching at me about my two post-dated entries, and I have to go edit THOSE before I can post this one.  Does that make sense TO ANYONE?!


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