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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Attack of the Ass Worm
DC - Raven - uncloaked
Yes, this is a Metroid reference. Uh...yeah.

So I'm battling the dreaded Ass Worm tonight. After like the third or fourth time, I finally beat him. Unfortunately, I feel like I have carpal tunnel in both wrists now because of it. It boiled down to me using my first finger and thumb on the button side of the controller, which is my patented Ridley fighting method. I used my thumb to hold down the button for the charge beam and my finger to jump. Pretty sad that I've already lowered myself to this type of gameplay. So then what do I do? Go wandering into a pit of dark pirates who massacre me in several seconds. Yay. Didn't save it. Boo. I knew better, too. Dammit.

Yay. Metroid is great!

My only other gripe in the game except that the damn second mini-boss you fight shouldn't be this hard, is the scanning. Oh, we thought the scanning was great in the first one. Well, take that times a MILLION. It's nice that you have a little meter that shows you how much you've scanned of what; it's bad that there's like ten different major categories. I will never EVER get 100% scanned. There's no way. Hell, I can't get 100% scanned in Metroid Prime, mostly because it's very VERY distracting to go into a boss fight and say like, "Hey, big monster guy. Time out while I jot your stats down in my notebook." I can't get 100% of the items either. I just suck. But I still like to play the game and I still think it's neat.

On that note, I'll give my wrists a few more minutes to recover and then we're back to battling Ass Worms and Dark Pirates. That rules.