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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Metroid Prime 2 Update
DC - Raven - uncloaked

Update as of 4:30ish Sunday afternoon:

The game is progressing well. I've been on a pretty good stretch after the first difficulty with the Morph Ball Ass Worm. I've traversed mass areas on Dark Aether, although it's really just a small fraction of what's to come, of course.

Dark Aether is mega-creepy in multitudes of ways. Now for me, I always loved the old Light World/Dark World thing from Zelda yore, like in Zelda 3, and then the two very different Hyrules you face in Ocarina of Time as child and adult Link. Very cool. The difference there is, sure some of the places are the same, some things exist in both worlds in the same place but not necessarily, and sometimes they just make something up that's totally different. This game is not that way. From what I've done so far, the rooms are laid out exactly the same way. The doors are in the same places. The platforms are in the same positions. The Save Points exist in the same rooms in both worlds. That's kinda creepy. So you're merrily wandering along and suddenly, "A ha! I know how to get to this room because I know how I did it on Light Aether. Neat, huh? Of course, after saying that, I'm bound to find an exception to the rule. Dammit.

Dark Aether also sucks. Until I get the Dark Suit, just being in the atmosphere does damage to you - think back to like accidently wandering into Norfair in Super Metroid before you had the Varia Suit. It does really suck. However, the Luminoth put up these light staffs that emit a blue forcefield around them. When you step into one of those, your health is slowly recovered. The good news is, several of the mini-boss fights take place with one of these babies in the middle of the room. If you stand in there and dodge around the badguys, your health is still getting better, even if they're kicking your ass. The bad news is when you get the dark gun, and you're shooting at something behind the light staff. Oops. Darkness covers the light staff and your forcefield goes away. Doesn't matter so much now since I have both guns. You can uncover darkened staffs with your light gun. Problem solved! Except not. Your guns take AMMO. How dare they give you something else to keep track of ammo of! There's a way around this too. One, if you run out, you can still fire if the gun's fully charged up. Two, you can blow up enemies with the Light beam to get Dark Ammo, and vice versa.

Many of the badguys are pretty wussy by Metroid standards. And then you have the Warrior Ing, who I haven't figured out how many missiles and/or charge blasts it takes to kill one yet. They're that tough. There's one room in Dark Aether I absolutely hate because three of them corner you at once. Sure, you can hop around them, but they turn into black puddles and climb the walls or the undersides of the cliffs. That kind of sucks.

As far as progress goes, I fought the Jump Guardian to get the Space Jump boots. Huzzah. I then eventually wandered off and accidently stumbled across Dark Samus, who I beat the living hell out of. I was surprised myself. I have both the light beam and the dark beam. I have the three keys to go unlock the Dark Temple and fight whatever's in there, but I've kind of been putting that off. I'm a wuss, what can I say. I really hate accidently wandering into a boss fight without any prior knowledge of it.

But I've done everything I could remember to do, back-tracking everywhere over creation. I did find some new portals to try out, but I think I'll just suck it up and go fight the thing in the temple. Hooray.

So, my verdict is the game rocks. Yes, it is tougher than the first. The good news is I haven't been stuck for longer than 15 minutes or so on any given area or puzzle. The bad news is I know it can't last. Although I did do well in the first game up until the Chozo ghosts first appeared. Then I was stuck for awhile. But that was really it.

Well, that's my in-depth review for now. Back to the GameCube!

EDIT: The big sand worm thing, Amorbis, just kicked my ass. That was fun like a root canal. For some reason they thought it would be a good idea to let him have the ability to cancel out the light staffs. Not just cover them up with dark stuff, no, because I could fix that. No...we're talking disabling. Problem is, you're trying to aim for his head, he's swinging around at you, and trying to suck you in his mouth. And then suddenly you realize that you have one tank of energy left because you've been standing in Dark Aether's atmosphere for a good minute. I don't see me beating this guy in the second try. He's going to be more tricky than that. Why? Even though I hit him multiple times, I didn't register any damage on his life meter. That isn't reassuring.