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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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More Metroid update
DC - Raven - uncloaked
I beat Amorbis! Yay! I decided I was going to wander around until I found Super Missiles, and then a sickening thought came over me..."What if he's supposed to swallow Samus in Morph Ball mode so she can bomb him from the inside?" Yes, I was not entirely pleased with this idea. But it was an excellent guess. So ha!

Now I have a new problem. I have the Dark Suit now. Yay. The atmosphere doesn't suck my will to live quickly, now it's rather slow. Actually, it's the same speed as recharging from the light crystals, except in reverse. Anyhoo, that's a neat thing. So the Luminoth guys tell me I'm supposed to go to Torvus next, which is their swampland. Only problem? I got nothing. Until I find some Super Missiles, I'm pretty damn stuck. And since I've already retraced my steps a couple times to make sure I didn't leave anything behind, now I'm really annoyed. I've tried all the new portals to no avail. I can pinpoint exactly on the map where it is I need to go next, but the door is magically sealed with a lock I can't open on one side, and I require Super Missiles or Power Bombs to come from the area on the other side.

Very annoyed.

And Metroids suck. I miss the ol' Wave Beam. The Dark Beam works pretty good, but it's slow as hell, so you have to get kinda close to them. Never a good idea. And the Light Beam works too, but you have to charge it. Gah. But I've seen the baby Metroids. They're kinda cute. Until they fly over a puddle of Phazon and then they're not so cute.

So far, the most hilarious thing in the game that I've found was in the Space Pirate's Command Area; I scanned a console warning: "Metroids are not pets. Metroids are not to be used for target practice." I about died from laughing too hard. And later on I found a Metroid suffering from "food poisoning due to the ingestion of pet treats and rations" which "isn't good for their digestive system." A little Metroid humor is fun. My favorite ones from the first Metroid Prime was the vivid descriptions of the Space Pirates failed attempts to recreate the Morph Ball, leaving test subjects twisted and broken. That shouldn't be funny, but it is. Ha! I laugh at Space Pirates!

I'm done for the night. And since this game just came out, I can either figure out everything on my own or go buy a strategy guide. Grr.

Hopefully, I'll give it a break and work on my Scavenger Sam stuff this week. I hope.

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Reading this makes me long for a Gamecube. The original Metroid on NES was one of my favorite games evuh. (And still is.)

So are you in the Torvus Bog yet? Apparently that's where you go after you've gotten the Dark Suit, and it seems you don't need super missiles to go there, so that's why I'm wondering.

I can't figure out how to get there. I'm probably just missing some itty bitty teeny tiny thing, but currently I'm pretty stuck.

There's actually a guide on GameFAQs.com right now that ends RIGHT at the point where you enter the bog. So if you only want to know that one piece of information, go over there, type in Metroid Prime 2 and look at the end of the second FAQ.

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