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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Metroid Prime 2 update - again
DC - Raven - uncloaked
I have another update. Yay! Inside you will learn everything you needed to know about the creatures in Torvus, why I now hate pinball, and the agony of still not being able to go back to a room I've been in before.

Tonight I completed another 9% of the game. Go me. I'm at 32% thus far.

Thanks to oberongeiger for helping me get unstuck in the game by pointing out a FAQ online. I've gotten into the Torvus Bog. (Annoying part about that was it was the last freaking portal I hadn't double-checked yet. Why? Because there's billions of them and they're scattered across the ends of the earth...anyway.) So I wander into the Torvus Bog, which is very much like the Tallon Overworld from Metroid Prime. There's rain falling, big pools of water you can go sludging through, and all-new monsters!

Is this exciting or what?

Monsters here are obnoxious plants that fly toward you and explode, plants that disappear in and out of the visible spectrum and shoot "sonic waves" at you (please no Guile jokes), plants that wait until you turn into a morph ball and then grab you with their tongues, so in a nut shell, there's plants. Then there's a couple of indigenous wildlife that doesn't demand to be immediatly killed - the little seahorse critters that swim around and these goofy gecko-fish things that hop around on land.

And the Baby Sheegoths... Well, they're called something else but I can't remember their names in this version. They're reptiles that have a weak spot on their backs. And they shoot lightning instead of ice at you. But they're essentially the same except two major differences - one, they take forever to kill. Until you get Super Missiles. Trust me. It's worth wasting Super Missiles to blow these brats up in two hits instead of about 30. Two, these suckers jump. Holy crap. I was standing on a bridge about two levels (I can't really measure distance in Metroid so well) above them, and I shot one. He turned around and launched his big scaly ass onto the bridge I was standing on. I was very surprised. So surprised that I fell off into the water. Bad idea. No Gravity Suit yet. So as I'm trying to clamber up the ramp back onto land, the second one starts charging me because apparently he can even though we're both underwater. I barely escaped that fiasco.

There's also these funky Space Pirates running around that have cloaking devices. I don't know what the hell they are either, since it's difficult to scan something that keeps disappearing. I've fought several varieties. Sometimes they show up, make noise, and run away. One time I got cornered, but I killed two in the fight. The third just decided to take off somewhere else. Very irritating.

Dark Torvus is wicked bad. Don't drink the water. Or step in it either. It's like dancing on Phazon, which is also a bad idea. And I've seen the Hunter Ing, which were pretty damn scary. They reminded me of the Core of Metroid Prime, all jellyfish-floaty-whoop-your-ass like.

Now we get to why I will hate pinball forever after playing this game. Pinball is fun, right? Well, being in a pinball machine isn't. Especially when the object is not to hit anything. Let me explain.

Your boost ball has been ganked by the Boost Guardian. His name is as dumb as the Jump Guardian. He's basically a Warrior Ing on crack. You hit him with your light gun because he doesn't like that very much. Then he turns into a morph ball and goes bouncing around off the walls at top speed. If he hits you, you take damage. Oh, and there's no cheating in this fight. You survive by stealing all the powerups you can get as he accidently runs over his little darkling friends he keeps summoning. So he's bouncing around, the pod guys are floating around and shooting at you, and you're madly zipping around dropping bombs to kill the pods and to make the Guardian come out of his little morph ball phase. I kept screaming, "This is the stupidest fight ever!" knowing I'll regret that in the game later on.

With him out of the way, I collected my first of three Torvus keys.

Other fun things of note, I've also managed to snag Super Missiles (finally) and the fun Seeker Missile thing, which I haven't used on anything but door targets and Sand Bats yet. It looks promising, but we'll just have to see. I'm sure I'll have to use it against some badguy, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered with it. (I know this because I play too much Metroid and Legend of Zelda.)

All good things aside, there is still a serious problem. I know it can't actually be that serious, but it's annoying to me.

There was a room I entered in early on that I haven't been able to get back to. In this room is one of the translater doors. I don't remember what color the door was because it was very early on when I was there, but I can't get back into it. The gates are blocked from one side and there's some lame-ass excuse from the other side as well. That was the area where the Space Troopers ship was, and I'm nervous that I can't seem to get back to it. I probably shouldn't worry about it, but I know better. What's going on in there? I really really would like to know.

That's about where I ended it for the night. I've been backtracking a lot again, using all the half pipes I can and opening all the purple and green doors. I'm glad that I'm doing it now because I'm just now beginning to get a decent sense of the areas I've been in. Torvus is still pretty new, but everywhere else I'm beginning to get the hang of. My hint menu told me that I'm supposed to go do something else now, but I'm not quite done finding things I've missed, thank you very much. At least the hints aren't as obnoxious as the first game. They don't keep popping up every ten minutes when you're not doing what it's telling you to.

That being said, it's my bedtime. I still feel crummy anyway, but that might explain why I played so well this evening. Maybe. :)