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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Metroid Prime 2 update - last for the evening, I swear
DC - Raven - uncloaked
No more says me. Not playing anymore tonight. I want to chew through my controller cords.

After try #4 at the Spider Guardian, I beat him. With 42 energy to spare. That's in one tank, mind you. :P

Then I was desperately racing to get to a save point. I made it to the big temple room where I discovered the new found joy (not my joy, dammit) of boosting yourself from one magnetic track to another. I also made my husband laugh hysterically at my failure to figure this out right away. Although launching yourself straight up into the air is kind of amusing...

Yay. Made it to the door. I open the door. The room that was once guarded by one shitty little robot who's head flies around the room at you is now guarded by two of the most badass droids in the game thus far. The type that can virus your suit. Well, that didn't happen, but since I didn't manage to kill either of them before they started wailing on me, I got stuck in the doorframe and took some considerable damage. Down to two energy tanks again.

After trying to collect energy in the big room full of stupid droids, I decide to just forget it. I have like less than 30 missiles and it takes at least two to kill them (which must fire at their feet simultaneously otherwise it has absolutely no fucking effect - so that ends up being like 10 missiles each X 3 = Kristy's chances not real good). I then run through the other room with the scary droids as fast as possible, throwing myself into morph ball mode in mid-air to land on the cannon. Yay. I made that.

Now I'm still racing to a save point with two tanks of energy. The problem is you never know what crazy wacky critters will be in the rooms you've already been in before. The first time I beat the Dreaded Ass Worm I ran into this problem - that and the game put me down on the floor with the possessed Space Pirates instead of being up on the cliff where I was standing before the cut-scene, thank you very much. Cheating bastards...

I made it to the save point. Hooray! There was much rejoicing. I'm leaving now. I obviously have missed half a dozen million things since my game's at 40% and I only have 5 tanks. And 110 missiles is not enough. And 100 of light and dark ammo is not enough. You'd think that would be pretty good. You're wrong to think such nonsense.

Sneaking through on my way back out, the Nintendo gods decide that you haven't had enough of the stupid Morph Ball puzzles yet, even though you just fought a miniboss while in one, so they make you go through another. It has zappy platforms, moving laser beams, and, why not Phazon?!! What is this shit?!!! So after some more ridiculous hoop-jumping and platform bouncing, I escape. I'm running out the first hallway you come in. Then I notice the little blue flecks of Phazon floating in the air.


I open the door, and sure enough, there's that Phazon-sucking Whore again. Oh yeah? That nice handy bridge you walked across on your way in to the Sanctuary Fortress of Hell?! Consider it BLOWN TO FUCKING SMITHEREENS!!!!

And she goes away.

I sigh deeply. Andrew said that was a very mature response.

Handy that they stuck these magnetic rail tracks of death above where the bridge used to be. Now it's twice as exciting getting there as you're hanging above the landscape miles below you. Don't worry. Everything's fine. Just go launch yourself across to the other side. No really. It's fun to feel your heart stop. I mentioned something about "preferring to breathe when I play video games" instead of holding your breath all the time.

So...I left. And I've come to the conclusion that I must cut back on my Metroid time because I fear it's raising my blood pressure. Or something.

In the next section, I was shown the next "hint" which is in a room I can't get to yet because I still have no Power Bombs. And I'm not going to fight the Power Bomb Guardian tonight, that's for damn sure. Plus, I don't know where the fuck he is. And I don't care.

I will finish the game because I've put this much time into it. But I don't forsee me playing through this one again...like ever. Even if the ending is ultra-cool, which it won't be because it'll suck like nothing has ever sucked before. I guess I still like it...sort of. But not really. There's good things about it; they're just being horrendously outnumbered by all the bad things.

Oh well.

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Retro Studios has done a lot of bragging about how people couldn't get enough of the Morph Ball side-view mazes in the first game, so they've upped the Morph Ball ante all over the fucking place in the sequel and people should be super-pleased by this now.

(They also like to brag about the reinsertion of the screw attack).

Judging by youre reports thus far, they are not satisfying so much as pissing-off.

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