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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Metroid Prime 2 update
DC - Raven - uncloaked
Yes, friends, it's back again.

After putting this game aside for an entire week, I decided it would be best to ease myself back into it. This means "don't immediately continue following the plot". Why? Because at a mere 42% and 17 hours + into the game, I'm simply not cool enough.

Don't get me wrong, I love Metroid. However, one of its grandest downfalls, and this goes for any of them, is the heinous amount of stuff they expect you to collect (This is also true for Zelda games...::cough cough:: Wind Waker ::cough cough::). I am not a Gaming Goddess, therefore I can't run through the first Metroid Prime in its entirety with 100% items collected and 100% scanned in under two hours. Once you've played through it half a million times, then okay, write the FAQ that explains how I can accomplish what I just mentioned. Unfortunately for me, I'm in it for the GAME and for the STORY (or lack thereof...but you know what I mean), but not to have all 6 billion missile expansions by the endgame. Maybe I don't care. That's probably it. But if I start having horrible things happen to me like my little instance of very obviously entering the Sanctuary Fortress (of Hell) without enough gear, then I sigh and go FAQ hunting so I can find more expansions and such without doubling my time since apparently I'm an idiot and can't figure these things out the first time.

The verdict? In little over an hour, I only managed to kick my percentage up like 5 or 6% - but those are an extra 5 or 6 Energy Tanks I did not have. I decided to do each kind of expansion by itself. I started with Energy Tanks. I have all but five now, I think. Two of them are hindered by lack of other gear and the others are in the stupid fortress. Dammit. Next I'll go through and look for missiles, although those aren't that big a deal since the once All-Powerful Super Missile really isn't anymore, especially against bosses. Most of the time you're better off just using the Charge Beam. How very sad. I'm more interested in finding ammo expansions for my beam guns. I still seem to run out pretty quick.

As for now, I'm taking a break and maybe finding some supper. Mmmm...supper.