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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Metroid Prime 2 update - I haven't given up yet!
DC - Raven - uncloaked
Yay! Back for more update-age. Aren't you happy? Blowing up Space Pirates is a healthy way to get rid of aggression.


I'm now up to like 57% or so. Forgot to check before I stopped playing. Oops. I've been merrily collecting missile expansions and checking them from my list. Of course, that meant back-tracking all over the place to make sure I hadn't missed any - which of the group I looked for, I had missed one - the first one you're supposed to find. To make up for that error, I managed to find the last one you're supposed to find. Which put me to like 130 or 135 missiles. So I'm nowhere near done.

After I had done that, I trudged back to the Sanctuary Fortress of Hell, which is still a pain in the ass even though now I have twice the Energy Tanks, more missiles, and more beam ammo. And I discovered my new least-favorite enemy in the game.

Ing Smashers. Such a clever name. Remember the juiced-up, big, hulking, slow ass Phazon Elite Pirates from Prime? You know, the ones who weren't Omega Pirate. Yeah, the ones that fell down after a Super Missile or two; they had a glowy-beam-shield-thing and an ultra-spiffy energy wave you jumped over. Well, once again they've taken an okay idea and turned into a severe pain in the ass.

When you first walk into the Sanctuary Fortress (of Hell), there's all these giant standing robots just hanging out. Being a long time Metroid and Zelda player, I crept around them, not touching them, of course, knowing that at any given time they would jump out and kick my ass. That time has come.

Apparently, these happy shiny little robots have turned on their masters and are out to kick your ass since none of them are around. Neat! The big difference here is they're fucking FAST! Holy crap! They like RUN at you, corner you, and either pound you with missiles or their big honking fists. Yikes! And to throw in some Metroid obnoxiousness, they can only be damaged by a "Reverse Polarity Beam" which means if their fist is glowing yellow, hit them with the Dark Beam, if it's purple, hit them with the Light Beam. Yay. And they switch because they're cool. My mistake was I walked into one area, woke one up, and then backed into where a second one was. Do not fight these guys two at a time. It's not a good idea. Especially in long, rectangular-shaped rooms with stupid pillars in them that you get stuck on while dodging around them. Very tough bastards. I did manage to kill them both, but I didn't see the first one die because I was fleeing in terror from where I was cornered. I'm such a brave soul. :P

Found several obnoxious expansion puzzles that I'm not interested in at the moment. I would be if I hadn't been doing just that for the last two times I played. Nope. Not even the Energy Tank one. I'll get back to that.

However, in all my wanderings of the fortress, both Light and Dark Worlds, I still haven't found any new Mini-bosses. Which is odd. The room that the hint system is telling me to go is locked by Power Bombs, and in Dark Aether. I did visit there briefly but couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do since both doors out are Power Bomb doors. I can portal in and out. There has to be a way into the big main room where you fought Alpha Blogg in Light Aether, I just didn't look for it hard enough I'll bet.

So that's my next objective since I really hate the Fortress and I've done everything I can do there at this point except some seriously crappy Morph Ball Puzzles for Prizes.

Going to bed now.

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This game clearly has some kind of hangup on "Ings." May I ask what the hell an "Ing" is?

The Ing are the dark evil badguys that possess other creatures and often crawl along the ceiling and walls as large black puddles.

They sound like a transplanted version of Kirby's "Nightmare" enemy. :)

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