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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Metroid Prime 2 update - Yes, I'm still playing. No, I don't know why.
DC - Raven - uncloaked
Latest Metroid Prime 2 update.

Massive progress, I must say. After tonight's little jaunt I'm sitting at 72% items collected and 79% scanned. The game is not getting more pleasant. I'm still trekking through because I really like Metroid games. And I'm insane, so that helps a lot too.

First, I finally snagged the wonderful Power Bomb. From the most retarded boss ever. I know I've complained about the stupidity of some of the boss fights, but this one was actually super easy and I about died laughing at the demise of this ridiculous creature. It's a plant of some sort. It shoots Power Bombs. Ooh. You have to once again manuever around in Morph Ball mode (I am so SICK of Morph Ball Mode. I seriously want to write to Nintendo and say, "Guys. Never do this many Morph Ball puzzles again. Ever. Your devoted fan, Kristy.") and bomb little slots in the wall. After you've bombed out all four, a big chunk of metal or something from the ceiling falls on the creature and smashes it. That's it. How dramatic. At least it's fucking hilarious to watch.

From there I could now open all the YELLOW doors! Yay! That leaves the Annhilator Beam doors and the Sonic doors still to go (and the rabid wolverine doors, according to one of the review on Gamefaqs.com). So I merrily went trekking through the world looking for yellow doors. And accidently ran into Dark Samus again.

Once again to Nintendo, I must ask WTF?! Dark Samus is cool, don't get me wrong, but I wooped her ass. I know I have to fight her again for the end, but if she's going to be this major character in your silly little game, at least make her, you know, able to defend herself. I got massive amounts of upgrades and so did she. Although I can't use the Boost Ball quite so effectively. But I've got like 10 or 11 energy tanks now, so if she can only manage to get two...well, I consider that a pathetic stupid fight that's not worth my time.

Anyway. She fell off the top of the Sanctuary Fortress and probably burned up in re-entry, but considering she keeps exploding into little floaty Phazon Bitz (dude, that should SO be a breakfast cereal), she's probably fine. Just fine. At least I got to watch her massacre a bunch of Space Pirates beforehand. That was fun.

From that happy little fight, I got the Echo Visor, which is really cool...in theory. Okay, I admit. I hate all the visor views. In both games. But I'd say this one is the freaky-deakiest. And Nintendo being Nintendo, decided it wasn't enough to rip off AvP for view modes - now we're ripping off Daredevil. Like from the movie. Echo...vision. Your view is black. You might get an outline of some scenery. And then everything throbs white. Yeah.

And how many things have I used it for, you ask? Like three doors. One I can't even open yet because I need the freaking Sonic Beam first. So...a complete and utter waste of time.

A couple rooms over from the Dark Samus fight, there's this weird-ass puzzle I can't quite figure out. Then we start massively jumping from Light Aether to Dark Aether in order to move throughout the area, as in go so far in Light Aether, find a portal, jump to Dark Aether, move farther, jump back to Light Aether...etc. etc. That sucks. I finally figure it out and go climbing up the insides of this forcefield thing.

I am then killed by a robot in a matter of minutes. MINUTES! I just fought Dark Samus and got nothing more than a scratch, and a fucking robot-sentry system in the next room just whoops my ass. Two-thirds of that was due to the fact I had no idea what the fuck to do because you're in Morph Ball Mode (of course) the whole time and can't scan the damn thing. A minor setback. I beat it the second time.

That was just to get to the next DOOR. It rivaled a mini-boss, and it was just to get to the door. Not unlock the door, get to the door.

Gah. I'm rambling.

The rest of the time went pretty quickly. I started performing some massive aerobatic feats that also pissed me off. You see, I am deathly afraid of heights. It's so bad that realistic video games bother me when heights are involved. I found this out watching Andrew play through Half-Life the first time. The part where you're running along the cliffs outside Black Mesa? Yeah. Kristy was in the fetal position whimpering like a baby, but she still wanted to WATCH. Luckily, Metroid isn't so realistic since you're in a big fucking sci-fi fortress with a city of lights below you (although I haven't managed to discover that sprawling metropolis in game yet, since the rest of the planet is a fucking WASTELAND), but I still had some trouble. Especially doing Morph Ball puzzles (yes, those again) several miles above the planet's surface. Gee, what fun!

That said. I also got the Screw Attack tonight. I am disappointed there was no Screw Guardian.

And this lovely piece of work is...something. I was a master at bouncing across the screen top-speed in Super Metroid. Oh yes. Well, this one is sort of not as cool, as you only get five bounces before it decides to stop. Oh, and heaven help you if you hit something because not only do you break out of the attack, but you blast and spin backwards a bit and very often right off a cliff. And the damn walls are better only because you don't have to smash the hell out of your control pad bouncing back and forth; you just keep hitting the jump button. So that's my take on that. I guess it's cool. I still really like Super Metroid, though. :)

So that's pretty much where I stand. I finally collected the three keys to open the stupid fortress, so it's Boss time again. But it was like midnight when I stopped so that's okay too.

Maybe I'll beat the new boss tomorrow. Ooh, Christmas has come early! Another Metroid boss to figure out!

Uh...or maybe not.

Oh, and it's also not a good thing to have the Sanctuary Fortress music stuck in your head. It's on crack. I have the merry little tune running through my brain right now.

I may not live through the night.

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I know I have to fight her again for the end, but if she's going to be this major character in your silly little game, at least make her, you know, able to defend herself.

Why do I have this nagging feeling that that line is going to come back to bite you in the ass when you face her in your final confrontation?

Well, I've already "skipped ahead" so to speak and know that when I fight her in the end, it's during the countdown thing before like the area blows up. So that's not very comforting. On the other hand, this game has been extremely wonky with bosses either being ridiculously easy or ridicously difficult, so at least I'll be surprised. :)

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