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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Metroid Prime 2 update - Oops.
DC - Raven - uncloaked
I got all nine keys! Yay! It only took me an extra two hours to find them. :P

So, I opened the Sky Temple and was like, "Cool." I hopped in the happy beam of light that teleports me up there.

I walked into a couple rooms and suddenly, BAM! ENDBOSS! Oops. Wasn't quite ready for that yet. I still have like four more missile expansions to find. I mean I could have made an effort to fight him, but I already know that he has three separate ridiculous forms and then I fight Dark Samus at the end, so I wasn't really interested in trying to get through all of that before I go over to my parent's house for Christmas. In fact, since I'm sitting at 93%, I need to find my other 7%. Or I'm not doing it. Because I'm not playing through this damn thing again anytime soon.

And, get this, the room that the Emperor Ing is in is small, round, and you can't get within five feet of the walls because it's all covered in Phazon. Yeah. So I'm all excited about doing this. Yep. Count me all excited.

We're near the end, folks. HUZZAH! I might finish it over my break or maybe next week over my break, but I just don't know. Tee hee.

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Stop tempting me with your dark lusts!!

I haven't finished the first game yet!!!!!

I am painfully aware it most likely is :)

Damn, you moved through that game relatively quickly. :)

I look forward to the ending reports.

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