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Dream stuff
Various - Crow Shiny!
Lately, my dreams have been violent again.  I go through spells of this, usually related to the moon phases and hormones because I'm such a CANCER, and then things settle down a bit and I go back into my deeper sleep where my dreams are normal and I don't remember them.  

Saturday night, apparently, things were getting a little out of hand.  I woke up because I felt a sharp pain across the bridge of my nose.  I can't remember what I was dreaming then, except that I wasn't sleeping well and it was fairly violent.  I reached up to touch my nose and I felt kind of an oozy gash, small but painful to the touch.  I had a brief thought of  "I must have scratched myself in my sleep" and a less coherent one of "Holy crap, I'm going to bleed all over my pillow", but then I fell back asleep, now dreaming of invading governments with hovercrafts and the constant recurring theme in my dreams of me being chased and unable to hide or get away.

Sunday morning I wake up and go to the bathroom to wash my face and that's when I notice it.  It's half and inch long mostly on the left side of the bridge of my nose but across the middle as well.  And it's deep.  Not bleeding deep, but nasty, pus-colored deep. 

The damn thing hurts.  Of course my sunglasses sit right on top of part of it and it just throbs the rest of the time.  I'm not sure how I could have scratched myself that deep right neatly across my nose.  I've scratched my face before in my sleep, but it's been little nearly invisible scratches.  This thing I can't cover with makeup.

Last night I had some more violent dreams and I kept waking up and immediately falling right back into REM sleep.  The worst of the dreams last night involved ghosts, my other favorite recurring theme.  At least there were no tornadoes.  I'm sure if I had stayed asleep long enough, my brain would have thrown those at me too.

I'm a little disturbed with myself.  It's full moon this week so I'm hoping the worst of it will be over soon.  Maybe I'm secretly a werewolf?

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INCUBUS. it's the only rational explanation.

It could be that too, I guess. ;)

Nah. Just a lunatic :p

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