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MP3 - Samus
Is it an awesome fluke of nature that I decide to start building fanmixes for the entire Metroid Prime series last night when this fabulous game collection is set to be released next week?  IS IT??!!  I didn't know about it until TODAY!!!!

I pre-ordered it.  Must have.  Must have now.  Anything to actually give me a shot at completing MP2: Echoes is worth it.

Ahem.  And now back to your regularly scheduled fandom squee.


*squee initiated while wearing a Metroid t-shirt.  That gives me bonus points, I think.

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Apparently I should've told you about this earlier! I figured you knew...

I am looking forward to it as well. I doubt it'll give me adequate incentive to actually play all the way through Echoes, but that's okay. I'll be happy to play through the original Prime with the new control scheme at least.

Oh, that's awesome!!

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