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The Queen of Broken Hearts

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Metroid Prime - General - A Thousand Eyes Were Upon Me
MP3 - Samus
This was my Metroid Prime fanmix I posted to and I just now realized I never posted it on my actual journal in case any of you were interested.  Oops.  So!  Here it is.  The link is buried behind the cut with a bazillion other things - the entire mix is 26 songs and I've split the .zip files into two for ease of downloading.

Medium: Video Games
Fandom: Metroid
Subject: Metroid Prime
Title: A Thousand Eyes Were Upon Me
Warnings: None other than angst, occasional screaming metal music, and the fact that it's large.
Notes: I am psychotic when it comes to these things.  They must be perfect, hence why it took me two weeks to put this together.  Also my first posted fanmix here.

Anyway, this is my tribute to Metroid Prime, one of my favorite games.  I tried to capture specific moments in the game with the underlying story very much always in the background.  This is hopefully the first of three fanmixes, one for each game in the series, to celebrate the collection coming out on the Wii.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did putting it all together.

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1. Intro / Menu Theme - Stemage


"Zebes has fallen. All ground personnel are presumed dead, either killed by the Hunter clad in metal or in the subsequent destruction of the underground facilities."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 09.992.3

2. Prelude To Descent - Paradise Lost

It's dead it's over all too slow
Can't you see you're my worst enemy?

(Frigate Orpheon)

"The reconstruction of geoform 187, code-named Ridley, was recently completed. After his defeat on Zebes, Command ordered a number of metagenetic improvements for him. Though aggressive, we were able to implement these changes in a cycle."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 10.091.0

3. Ghost - VNV Nation

So torn and afraid
I find lives – faces none can wear away
Time slips away

(Tallon Overworld)

"As we come to understand the paths of time and space more clearly, we have begun to glimpse rough tatters of past and future, glittering behind reality like soft lights behind a curtain. We have seen the fountain in these glimpses, pouring darkness instead of water, and we cannot guess what the visions mean."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

4. Echelon - 30 Seconds To Mars

To find ourselves lost here within we need the reasons why
So we take this bridge with the others that will thrive in the great divide

(Chozo Ruins)

"When all strength wanes from the Chozo, will it be the Hatchling who fulfills our legacy? True sight eludes us, for the Poison gnaws at all vision, leaving seers blind and filled with despair. Truth's blessing may come too late."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

5. Amongst the Ruins - Delerium


(Chozo Ruins)

"We were linked to the land here, kindred to the plants and animals, far away from the machines we had become so dependent on. And so we leave it now, pristine, a testament to the mortal forms we no longer need. We have drawn the veils of time and space aside, and are withdrawing beyond the illusion. But we will never forget this, the most sacred of our homes. And we will remain ever watchful."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

6. Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage

How long until we die?
Die from the inside out
How much is enough for us to see the light?

(Chozo Ruins)

"The world of living things feels strange to us, we who have existed so long on the edges of time and space. It is clear now that we Chozo can never return to our dimension, not while the Great Poison reaches ever further into the planet. It is so powerful, this creeping evil, that our wills are crumbling and our minds beginning to fail."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

7. Fire Of Universe - Xandria

Blinded by the fire of universe
I'm falling down, no reverse

(Magmoor Caverns)

"The heat of Magmoor was a test for many warriors."
- Artifact of Strength

8. Phendrana Drifts - Stemage


(Phendrana Drifts)

"None know if our temple, the Cradle, will prove powerful enough to contain this evil forever. How can we Chozo hope for it to remain intact when that which it guards writhes in the darkness, growing always stronger?"
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

9. My December - Linkin Park

This is my December
These are my snow-covered trees
This is me pretending
This is all I need

(Phendrana Drifts)

"Scans of the Spiral Sector detected a massive energy spike emanating from a Wanderer-class planet identified as Tallon IV. Scout reconnaissance was immediately dispatched to the center of the spike, a land mass at heading mark 40.08.02, returning with planetary samples and atmospheric imaging. Analysisshows the energy source to be an unstable radioactive material of enormous potential."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 10.299.2

10. Flashback - Sonic Syndicate

Sands of time stream through my fingers
Chasing lost days of a dead dream
And I don't care if we lose it all tonight

(Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple)

"The congregation of Artifacts that hold the Great Poison at bay still hold strong. Fearful of the potential within the Artifact Temple, the invaders known as Space Pirates tried to destroy it, only to fail in every attempt. We scattered the Artifacts across the planet for their protection, and only a few have fallen into invader hands. Failing to understand them, they now seek to unmake them."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

11. Our Solemn Hour - Within Temptation

Are they themselves to blame, the misery, the pain?
Didn't we let go, allowed it, let it grow?
If we can't restrain the beast which dwells inside
it will find it's way somehow, somewhere in time

(Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple)

"A meteor came, casting a dark shadow of debris over the land with the violence of its impact. Though we perceived this from beyond space and time, it was but a curiosity: a brief flare in the universe. But the meteor brought with it corruption. A Great Poison burst forth into the land, clawing at life with such violence that we were ripped from our peaceful state and find ourselves wandering as shadows of the mortal forms we left behind, searching for why we are here."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore
Meteor Strike

12. Just A Little More (Prime Edit) - Darkesword


(Chozo Ruins)

"As we have done for millenia, we Chozo work constantly on our statuary. The statues are our sentinels: blind but ever watchful, they are and have always been, repositories for our most precious secrets and strongest powers."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

13. Winter Comes - Covenant

So the winter comes where we belong
I feel the cold within my heart
I see the night deep in your eyes

(Phendrana Drifts)

"We have codified the newfound energy source as Phazon, a V-index mutagen of which we have very little reliable data. Indications point to a meteor of unknown origin impacting approximately 20 years ago, expelling Phazon into the environment. This material appears to possess lifelike characteristics, mutating organic life-forms strong enough to withstand its poison. These mutations appear promising, with abrupt evolutionary leaps appearing in single-generation reproduction."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 10.344.8

14. Space Pirates - Stemage


(Research Facility)

"Phazon mining is under way. Several garrisons have been established, and terraforming of the Chozo Ruins is under way. Security systems are operational, and Science Team continues to make progress in their biotech research. The Phendrana Drifts have proven to be an optimal location for Research Headquarters, and soon it will be joined by a fully operational Combat base and starport."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 10.401.7

15. Girl On Fire (Renholder's Apocalypse Mix) - Rob Zombie

Yeah, she's on fire
That girl's on fire

(Magmoor Caverns)

"A molten Lake lies within the tunnels of Magmoor."
- Artifact of Nature

16. Hauntings - Gary Numan


(Chozo Ruins)

"Soon we will all be like the Turned, Chozo who have been corrupted by the Great Poison. The Turned still hold to their Chozo forms, but their minds are black with fell intentions. Gone is their respect for life. They honor only destruction, and seek to disrupt the Artifacts holding the Great Poison at bay."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore
The Turned

17. Ghost Of Your Memory - Godhead

Trapped alone
Burning out from the inside
By the lies of your self pride

(Chozo Ruins)

"The cries of this dying land pulled us from our dreaming state, and now we Chozo walk as ghosts while the Great Poison sinks into the trees and waters, devouring all life. Some creatures survive, but their forms grow as twisted and evil as the force that fell from the sky. The heart of the planet will succumb soon, and so will we, even in our ghostly states."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

18. Bless The Child - Nightwish

I've never felt so alone in my life
As I drank from a cup which was counting my time
There's a poison drop in this cup of Man
To drink it is to follow the left hand path

(Tallon Overworld)

"As the veil of lunacy descends, as past and future blend and shuffle, one image appears and flickers through the landscape, wraithlike. It is the Hatchling, the Newborn, walking the path of corruption, a lone figure shining in the toxic shadows. She comes dressed for war, and her wrath is terrible. Do our eyes look backward, seeing the Hatchling as she once was? Or does she approach even now, arriving in our race's last hour, a savior clothed in machines crafted long ago by Chozo hands?"
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

19. Snow White Suicide - Entwine

We must find the haven for our souls
'Cause we know that we have lost our will to live

(Phendrana Drifts)

"Research outpost Glacier One in the Phendrana Drifts region of Tallon IV's mountains is operating at 85% capacity. Sub-zero temperatures have made the Metroids sluggish and easy to control, even those well into Phazon-infusion cycles. Cold-containment stasis tanks are sufficient for the juveniles, but some of the larger Metroids have been moved to quarantined caves for safety purposes."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 10.664.2

20. Downed Frigate - Stemage


(Crashed Frigate Orpheon)

"Mining operations have begun near the crater where Phazon appears to be most concentrated. Daily Phazon yields have increased 44%, and our mining system becomes more streamlined as personnel and equipment flows increase. Several incidents of Phazon-induced madness have been reported, prompting augmented life-support regulations in the deeper chambers. Symptoms include loss of equilibrium, erratic respiration, muscle spasms, and in the most extreme cases, hallucinations."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 10.587.7

21. Mutant Message - June Reactor


(Phazon Mines)

"Confidence is high regarding Phazon applications. We know enough about Phazon now to begin combining it with Space Pirate DNA. The code name for this venture will be 'Project Helix'. Preliminary studies indicate that Phazon infusion could produce radical new Pirate genomes."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 10.957.2

22. Buried Alive - Front Line Assembly

Morbid transformations
Distorted complications
Alluring Disfiguration
Cruel Intentions

(Phazon Mines - Omage Pirate)

"Elite Pirate Upsilon exhibits miraculous healing abilities: when injured, it seeks out Phazon deposits and coats itself in the substance, which instantly mends the creature's wounds. The subject, which we are code-named Omega Pirate based on these developments, shows potential to be a new standard for our armies."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 11.232.8

23. I'm The Highway - In Flames

Forget the promised land,
There was never an invitation,
Today I create my own,
Before there was sorrow
And lack of attention

(Artifact Temple - Meta-Ridley)

"The words of the seers have come to pass, for there, in the depths of the world, the ravenous Worm lurks and feeds. From the stars it came, blighting Tallon with it's Great Poison. We can but watch as the Worm grows, watch and wait. For the prophecies also speak of a great Defender, the one who delivers the world from evil. The final days draw near. Is the Newborn the Defender of which the seers spoke? We shall do all that we can to aid her, for she bears our legacy as she bears the ancient armor and weapons of our people."
- Excerpt from Chozo Lore

24. Corruption - Front Line Assembly


(Impact Crater - Metroid Prime)

"Subject Metroid Prime's breach has been contained. Reports indicate that it sensed a large batch of raw Phazon in the lab from within its stasis tank and broke through the glass, using previously unsuspected strength. Besides consuming all of the Phazon, Metroid Prime assimilated several weapons and defense systems from fallen security units. It has suffered no ill effects from said assimilation: indeed, it began to use its newly acquired weapons against us."
- Excerpt from Space Pirate Data Log 11.377.1

25. (Memory Imprints) Never End - Fear Factory

A thousand eyes were upon me
Soulless, and without mind
(We have been forsaken...)


26. Standing - VNV Nation

Eyes betray the soul and bear it's thinking.
Beyond words they say so many things to me.
A stranger here reborn it seems
awaking wonders deep in me.

(Birth of Dark Samus)

MediaFire Downloads
(all songs in .mp3 format)
Download Part 1 - Songs 1-13
Download Part 2 - Songs 14-26 + .xml playlist file

For more fabulous Stemage and his Metroid Metal Project, visit metroidmetal.com.
For more Darkesword and a bazillion other talented game music remixers and remixes, visit ocremix.org.

Comments greatly appreciated. :)

See you next mission!