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RIP Peter Steele
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I think I've got it together enough to post something now, although this will probably still sound disjointed and silly to me by the time I post it.

Peter Steele has passed away, and I can't even describe how upsetting this is to me.  I'm utterly heartbroken.  The pregnancy hormones aren't helping, since I keep bursting into tears about every 15 minutes with even the briefest thought of never seeing Type O Negative in concert again, never hearing another album released.  I feel like I've lost a close friend - sure, we'd fallen out of touch here and there, but there were always those fuzzy warm memories to reminisce about when we did meet up again.

Type O Negative is deeply ingrained in my memories of high school and college.  I became a little goth girl because of this band.  They have been one of my favorite bands ( of the "five favorites", if you know me) for the longest time out of all of them - i.e. they are my FIRST favorite band.

They were the first band I ever went to see in concert.  I'm lucky for having seen them four times, and I would have continued going to see them as long as they were touring.  It was never a dull moment at a Type O show.  It was even worth almost being crushed to death at the concert at the Beaumont (I hate the Beaumont) because I had wanted to be as close to Peter as possible.  I had a few minutes of ridiculous fangirl glee.

They were one band on a very small list that both my brother and I liked (and still do).

Peter Steele is the reason I wanted to learn to play bass.  Plain and simple.  

But it's the end of an era.  RIP, Peter.  Your music will always be close to my heart and for that I thank you.  You will not be forgotten.

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I don't even remember what I typed into the LJ search, but this post popped up, so I couldn't help myself, I had to comment.

I only got to see TON once live back when I was 16. I remember being in the front in a crappy little club banging my head and getting lost in the music... I'm pretty sure they were lost too half the time. Either way, it was amazing and Mr. Steele will definitely be missed. TON will always be one of my favorites too.

Honestly he's what made me get off my ass and want to play bass seriously. I'd always dicked around with it, but the way he approached bass gave me what I needed to really take the instrument seriously. Does that make sense?

Was that Beaumont show the one where Lacuna Coil opened? That was brutal and very, very dangerous. I'm surprised no one was crushed to death. But boy did the dicks from Brooklyn ever make the evening worth it.

Type O really have helped and comforted me through some upsetting times. I have very specific memories associated with the "World Coming Down" album. And every year in autumn when it just starts to get cool I'll put it on and relive those times. As much as I love music, I don't associate many songs with really strong, specific memories. With Type O Negative, I do. And I think that says a great deal about their music.

We were going to try and form a band at one point. After you get this whole baby-having thing sorted out would you be interested in maybe exploring the idea some more?

Yeah, that show was the one Lacuna Coil opened. Bess and I were against the barrier in the front and all was fine and good until Type O went onstage.

I'm still interested in exploring the band idea. I haven't picked up my bass in over a year, though, so I'm sure I've got a lot of catching up to do. My other possible band gig went away with my brother getting married and our drummer friend getting married and having a kid, so I'm definitely available. And I've wanted to dust off my music computer and get it set up again.

I'll handle the bass, (and the guitars if I can ever get myself a new amplifier,) if you can handle all the computer stuff. Or if you want to do bass that's fine too. I know a guy who plays drums but he's a little... odd.

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