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Shrinky Dinks! Because...well...why not?
TP - Zant - dancing queen
Me being home from work does lead to some interesting ideas.  Ideas that I will probably never in a million years ever complete, but interesting none the less.  The one my brain seems to be the most fixated on is Shrinky Dinks.  That's right - those little sheets of plastic from the 80s that you put in the oven to make little miniature...thingies.  I'm also on this Victorian/Steampunk kick, so at least there's a theme.  Sort of.

I got a package of Shrinky Dinks years ago for a Christmas present and never bothered to drag them out.  So I pulled them out last week and started tracing designs out of a book I have.  The Shrinky Dinks I have are clear, which poses some interesting challenges.  Markers work great as long as they aren't too opaque because it all blends into a dark blobby mess, and the best way I for colored pencils to show up is if you sand one side first.  I'm thinking about getting a package of several different kinds (since you can buy all different kinds at shrinkydinks.com) to test stuff out.  Today I attempted a Mod Podge transfer onto a pre-shrunk piece of Shrinky Dink material, which I think will work if I wasn't so damned impatient.

I really don't have a lot to show yet as it's a work in progress, but I'm hoping to have something soon. 

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you know you can get the ones for your inkjet printer too... the trick is lightening the 100% design by 50%.

Those are what I used for my zipper pull charms. A good water resistant sealer is either clear fingernail polish or clear embossing powder (what you'd use with a heat gun for stamping)

Yeah, I think I'll get a pack of the inkjet kind to try out too. Thanks for the sealing tips. I have lots of clear fingernail polish lying around the house.

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