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Baby times!
Tadpole - 11 weeks
Had my final OB appointment today, since my due date is Wednesday.  On Thursday last week, I was still dilated at a 3 without a whole lot else going on - this morning I'm almost to a 4.  I would have been content to wait until Wednesday to see what would happen, but I really can't take this whole "laying down and having contractions immediately" business that's been going on for the last three nights.  I'm completely fine and comfortable until I go to bed, and then my body has a contraction conniption fit.  The contractions aren't strong enough or close enough to warrant a trip to the hospital, but it's enough to keep me up half the damn night.  On the one hand, I feel I am well-prepared for the sleep deprivation to come with having an infant in the house - on the other hand, shouldn't I be able to get some sleep before this happens?

So tomorrow at 5:30 am (God, help me) I'm going in to be induced one day ahead of time.  I didn't want to get induced at all, but I really am exhausted and at my wits' end with these "almost but not quite" events.  Last Thursday, I was pretty sure I'd be back in the hospital by that evening - but of course the contractions stalled out about 2 am.  Then Saturday I was definitely feeling more uncomfortable than I had ever before, and those stalled out about 2 am too. 

I am just so very very happy I've been off work the last two weeks because I am just too wiped out to do anything.  "Sudden burst of energy" nesting, my ass.  I'm lucky if I manage to get out of my pajamas for the day.  Today, I'm trying to make a dedicated effort to get things more or less put away and put together in the nursery, and I'm about to pass out on the desk.

Well, next time I'm on here I'll officially have a baby.  That's kind of neat.

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Oh, baby!!! Let us know what we can do to help, please. :)

I'll be thinking of you. I hope everything goes well. I look forward to meeting the little guy!

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