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Tales from the Mommy Side
A week ago, I gave birth to a baby boy.

I'm still thinking that at some point I'm going to wake up from this crazy dream because I'm living someone else's life.  It's still hard to grasp that Andrew and I have a son.  We love being parents and we love this little boy, it's just a huge adjustment in everything we do.

Andrew has been a saint.  He feels bad that he hasn't been able to do more for me since I'm still healing up, but this man volunteers for the night shift.  Letting me sleep through the night is the best thing he can do for me, especially now since last night was my first night shift and it was not pleasant. 

Samwise loves the baby.  He's very protective, but not hostile.  If Michael cries, he goes to check it out.  When we are all together in one room, he manages to find a spot between us all.  If one of us is in bed, he'll lay at the foot of the bed and sleep.  He's also very worn out like the rest of us since we're home all day and he's never put into his room for his daytime sleeping.

Michael is doing very well.  He had his first doctor appointment yesterday and everything was fine.  He's gained a little weight since we left the hospital already.  He does, however, have day and night completely mixed up.  He tends to be very drowsy and sleepy in the afternoon and wakes up around midnight all bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  He's a week old, so it's not like this is the end of the world.  He doesn't particularly enjoy being in his crib, so most of the time he's either asleep on Andrew or me or in the bouncy seat.  I generally put him in the crib if he's just drowsing and I need to go do something elsewhere.  But other than that, he's been a pretty perfect little baby.  He eats well, sleeps pretty well, and really only cries if he needs a diaper change or if he's hungry.  He's very easily soothed.  Oh, and did I mention he's completely adorable?  ;)

Me?  I'm healing still.  I tend to forget how quickly I do heal from surgery and what-not.  I had a couple of rough days when we got home from the hospital last week, but I've felt pretty good since then.  I'm moving around, up and down the stairs, trying to keep on top of laundry and dishes as my priorities beyond that baby.

Right now, I am very very tired, but it's so worth it.  

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Congratulations again. I'm very glad that you're all doing well.

Oh yay! I'm glad things are good for all four of you.

Congrats! Glad to hear all is well!

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