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Craftabulous #1: Hat, Scarf, and Drawstring bag fleece sets
Weebls stuff - Only in Kenyaaaaa...
Being as I am a mad procrastinator that procrastinates at midnight, I waited until nearly the last minute to start my holiday sew-fest.  I suddenly decided I needed to make things for my gaggle of nieces.  Is four considered a gaggle?  What is the proper name for a group of nieces?

Anyhoo, I was eyeing some easy fun projects buried in my patterns and decided I needed to make a trip to Hancock Fabrics for fabulous fleece.  Everyone loves fleece, right?  I mean, I would wear it year round if I didn't live in the Midwest where it gets about 95 degrees in the summer.

One yard of fleece yields the entire set - a hat, scarf, and drawstring bag.  I may post tutorials if people are interested and don't want to go digging around the internet for hours like I did.

Two drawstring bags with presents inside!  The one on the left is Ashley's and the one on the right is Haley's.  The bags were made of the remaining fleece.  I folded it in half, sewed up both sides, and made a hem in the top for the drawstring to go through. 

Closeup of Ashley's bag.  The drawstring was made from three thin strips of leftover scrap fleece braided together.

Haley's bag.  We'll take a look at her stuff individually, since the fabric has less red in it.  My camera has this thing with red.

The hat and scarf.  Aren't they adorable?  Fringe is fun!

The super stupid-easy hat.  It's a tube sewn up the side with a hem at the bottom and fringe cut at the top.  You then tie the fringe with another piece of fleece.  Ta da!  A hat in less than 15 minutes.  The longest part is cutting the fringe.

The also super stupid-easy scarf, although this one goes a lot faster if you own a rotary cutter.  Less hand cramping that way.  Basically this is three layers of fleece stacked together, zig-zag stitched down the center, and then trimmed in about an inch increments on both sides to the stitching.  It makes a floppy fun scarf.

Close-up of zig-zag stitch.  It's not very wide, maybe a quarter of an inch or so.

Scary Aunt Kristy wearing Haley's set.

Scary Aunt Kristy wearing Ashley's set.

Next up - the other two nieces are getting more complicated things.  Complicated in I'm actually using patterns for theirs, but still not all that complex.  More fun fleece projects to come!

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