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Craftabulous #2 - Mario-themed earflap hat and reversible scarf
LoZ - Sneaky like ninja
First off, let me say that I am a dork because I didn't get any pictures of the two fleece things I made my nieces.  D'oh!  I made a green fleece jacket and a matching hat for my seven-month old niece, and a Little Red Riding Hoodie for my three-year old niece.  They both turned out very cute, even though I was very mad at my sewing machine throughout the process.

The last project of the season was this for my cousin.  I really hope she likes them.

I found this Mario fabric a couple of years ago and had it squirreled away in hopes of doing something cool with it.  That didn't happen, so now I just have it.  My cousin loves Super Mario and I love making hats and scarves, so this was a perfect plan.  With some modification due to my sewing machine being retarded and other such things.  The white fleece is a remnant I bought at JoAnn's for cheap cheap cheap.

The set together.  I really need to find a better place to take pictures, but I was in a hurry.  I used a modified version for the hat from this blog, which was my first issue.  This pattern is for a child.  Did I mention this is the second version of the hat as the first one was a bit too tight?

Side view of the hat - note the adorable pom pom because I'm a dork.  Also, once I resized everything for round two, I had actually made the top portion too tall, so the hat is also knotted at the top to help with that.  There was also the issue of the ear band part; I discovered once I had attached the two hat pieces together that the ear flaps don't fit over your ears if you wear the hat like it's supposed to be worn.  If you turn it around backwards with the back seam showing it fits fine.  Thus why there's a mushroom applique on the front now.

The inside of the hat is lined with my Mario fabric.  The white fleece I used isn't very stretchy at all, so this actually worked with the cotton fabric.  I never line anything so I was suitably impressed with the results.  After this is when my sewing machine threw a hissy fit and refused to sew anything.  Once I managed to collect all the billions of tiny pieces of thread from under the feed dogs, I continued with different thread.  My machine hates cotton thread for some reason.  So I used my expensive lime green polyester thread to finish up the project.

Quite honestly, the scarf is my favorite part of the set.  The hat turned out cute, but the scarf is amazingly toasty warm, probably because there's room for air to be trapped between the fabric layers and well, fleece is warm.  The scarf is reversibly and a little stiff, but looks dandy just hanging around the back of your neck.

Closeup of my not-botched applique.  We won't be seeing a closeup of the one on the hat.  In my defense, applique wasn't the idea until the entire hat was sewn together, so I was trying to sew through a massive seam in a very tiny area.  These two on the scarf turned out rather nice.  This is my first applique too!  Yay!

So that's my project.  Next I hope to get out the skull fleece to make matching hats for our family: me, my husband, and our little boy.  Should be a blast.