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Dreaming of Kingsport - A Kingsport Fanmix
Cthulhu - ur sanity has a flavor
So for my birthday, I wanted an all-day gaming session run by my husband with the selected players of my choice.  I picked Shaun, because he's awesome and because his birthday is two days after mine.  Our characters returned to Kingsport for the third time (!) for spooky and wacky adventures, this time using two of the three scenarios from the Chaosium Kingsport book for 1920s Cthulhu.  I tell you, our characters were victorious due to being awesome, super-powered, and clever; I have no idea how normal people are supposed to beat those scenarios.  In the 20s.  Before grenade launchers and Terminators.  But that's another story.  ;)

Since Saturday, I've been milling around some ideas in my head for a playlist, and this is the result.  I had intended originally for it to have a bit more 20s-era jazzy feel to it, but I got distracted by the spooky creepy gothic stuff I have and didn't look back.  Of course, many thanks to my husband for the inspiration.  I think this playlist would work best on a gray, rainy day or a stormy night.


1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Emily Browning

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

2. Nuages Gris (Gray Clouds) S. 199 - Andreas Muehlen-Wester


3. Dreamsleep - Collide

Do you dream your dreams in colour?
Do you dream until it's over?

4. Fratres for Violin and Piano - Beats Antique


5. A Dream Within A Dream - Oren Lavie

Caught within a dream within a dream
A man within a man
Caught within a thought within a thought
An ocean so deep
He'll drown in his sleep

6. Gates of Morpheus - Amethystium


7. Duende - Delerium

Like an angel you'll come
In a dream, blessed one
Make me joyfully numb

8. In Remembrance - Arcana


9. Islander - Nightwish

This is for long-forgotten
Light at the end of the world
Horizon crying
The tears he left behind long ago

10. Weatherstorm - Craig Armstrong


11. La Bas: Song of the Drowned - Lisa Gerrard

instrumental and Lisa's haunting voice

12. Hauntings - Gary Numan


13. Outside Your World - Arcana

I'm almost outside your world
Beholding what's been gone for so long

14. Arcane Voices - Amethystium


15. Tenuous - Sleepthief

A shrouded echo.  Resounding waves that fall upon the shore
I feel you moving to a place where I will see you nevermore

16. Seductive Flame - Arcana


17. Wandering Star - Portishead

Those who have seen the needles eyes, now tread
Like a husk, from which all that was has fled
And the masks that the monsters wear
To feed upon their prey

18. Colours of Rain - VNV Nation


Comments are welcomed and loved.  :)  Enjoy!

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This is so very cool, as is your inspiration for it. I've been debating over running a Delta Green or Project Twilight campaign myself and this looks like a good way to get the mood going in my head for planning.


(Deleted comment)
Sounds like a lot of fun! I might download that playlist too.

I love watching thunderstorms ^^

a late Happy Birthday, and thank you so much for sharing this mix with us ♥

Thank you for the birthday wishes! And you're very much welcome.

Cool mix! Major kudos for 'The Islander'! :D

Thanks! I love "The Islander" and I was glad I found a playlist to use it on.

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