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Product Review - Ion Color Brilliance Brights
Weebls stuff - Only in Kenyaaaaa...
I've been a Manic Panic Red Passion girl for about two months.  I love the super bright red color even though it likens me to Ronald McDonald's daughter, and I've had tons of compliments on it.  Strangely enough, most of the compliments have come from older women who say the color is very flattering to my skin tone.  I have always loved being a redhead even though it was never natural.  So here's a picture of me after my very first Red Passion dyeing.

Being a dyed redhead for years, I know that red/purple dye is the kiss of death when it comes to staining stuff.  This was my first try at a ridiculous SEMI-PERMANENT color, and I was still shocked at the pink ring that formed around the drain of my bathtub.  Sure, Manic Panic will come out - with a whole lot of scrubbing.  I used petroleum jelly around my hairline and still getting the pink out was a bit tricky. 

Also, there's the price.  My hair is super thick and super coarse long before I bleach it.  The Red Passion looks good for about a week and a half on me, and then starts to fade in this weird cotton candy pink and orange direction.  I named the color "Porange" for good measure.  I was washing my hair twice a week in cool water with a very basic shampoo - no drying, curling, or flattening, and very little product.  At $10 a pop, this gets pretty expensive fast.  I really need two jars of the stuff to cover everything too.

Last night at Sally's, I had decided to try Ion's Color Brilliance in Brights as they had a lovely orange.  It's half the price of Manic Panic, and the reviews I've read have been good.  However, I didn't walk out with orange.  I walked out with fuschia.

Color spread.
I was going to do purple too, but they only had one tube of it left.  Upon reflection, it was good I bought two tubes of the fuschia.

So I'm sitting here with a plastic cap on my head now after application.  I have no idea what it's going to look like yet.  But here's my review of the product thus far:
  • It's super thick.
I knew this from the reviews I had read, so I purchased an envelope of Ion conditioner to mix with it.  No, it really is super thick.  It squeezes out of the tube similarly to old acrylic paint and has the consistency of tacky glue.  I still consider this a pro rather than a con because I had no drips anywhere.  No more ruined t-shirts or bathroom rugs.  This stuff will not run.  However, for me I knew right away one tube wasn't going to be enough.  You know that last step with Manic Panic where you comb it through until it's frothy?  You try that with this product and you will break your hair.  It does not move around.  I've read reviews where people did streaks without foil or even separating their hair in some way.
  • The smell is nice.
It has a nice smell to it.  Some people on the Sally website said it smelled horrible.  These are probably the people that also say bleaching burns your eyes.  Duh.  It smells like any other hair dye.  Non-offensive to me.
  • Price price price!
For $4.99 a tube, there's no way I can complain unless it washes out in one shampoo.
  • Pretty colors.
As you can see above, the product comes in a rainbow of colors.  Not tons of different ones, but I bet they would blend well together for your own style.  I was going to do orange because Sally doesn't carry Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily in their stores but they do have this.  The swatches showed the teal as a much more green color, so you basically have everything but a bright yellow.  Why anyone would go electric yellow is beyond me anyway.

I've got a few minutes before I rinse it out and see how it looks.  I'll post an after review later.

AFTER:  Oh my goodness, it's beautiful.  It's a fantastic shade of pinky-purple.  The box claims you should have your hair at Level 10 bleach-wise to get the true color of this shade; my hair was about an 8 and it looks amazing.  Plus, I still had Porange Passion clinging to it.  Also my roots aren't as noticeable now and the highlights are an brilliant electric pink.  It'll look great in the sun.

Also, I have to now pimp the Ion After-Color Treatment.  I bought some on a whim - it's $10 a bottle - because the instructions on the dye suggested to use it after the initial rinsing.  It's supposed to seal the cuticle of your hair so the color sets better.  I don't know about the color setting better, but it instantly made my hair soft and smooth like my hair isn't.  It more like a conditioner than a shampoo.  The smell is okay too.

New pictures will be coming soon, as soon as I get out of my pajamas and put on some makeup.

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Sounds even thicker than the latex house paint I accidentally dipped my hair into at work yesterday.

Aaand that sounds like an excellent story!

Not really, but I did think briefly about doing it all the way up the strand and sporting a pink latex braid. Instead I just cut the offending chunk out.

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