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Thinking again
Various - Crow Shiny!
Once again, I've been thinking about what to do with this journal.  I'm having plenty of fun with my Sims Dreamwidth and my regular blog/website thing, plus everything interesting I do I always post on Facebook. 

But lately I've been having weird dreams again, as well as these weird memory flashbacks that sort of take me entirely by surprise.  Buying my senior prom dress from The Jones Store at the Blue Ridge Mall?  That one time in 1st grade when the music teacher was ignoring me and I peed myself in front of the entire class?  The infamous "Neighborhood War" that lasted about a week around 1990 or so?  Completely effing random stuff.  I don't know if it's a sign of some sort or if I'm desperately trying to cling to what I remember, but I've decided I need to write these things down somewhere. 

So this journal is about to get personal, in a sort of way I've never explored before.  I'll warn you if something is particularly gruesome ahead.

It's also going to be random, because that's how my brain likes it.  Eventually, you might be able to piece together some kind of timeline, but I'm not going in order.  I might write about a scary dream I had in kindergarten and follow it up with that one night driving home from college. 

As an added bonus, I hope I'll be writing more.  I've put off my writing for far too long and as much as I'd like to pull off NaNoWriMo, it's not going to happen with two little ones in the house.  It's just not.

There you go.