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{Dream} - Balcony swimming pools, bathroom additions, and airplane trips with awesome bands
Misc - Riding Dinosaurs
The dreamworld was rather wacky last night.

My family (Mom, Dad, and brother Dave) were on some sort of vacation - the Ozarks, I think.  We stayed at this weird hotel that had giant rooms and large above-ground swimming pools out on the balconies.  The swimming pools were rectangular-shaped and made of red plastic and were about three feet deep.  Not the most fancy of pools to be sure, but hanging out on a balcony in a pool overlooking the Ozark hills was kind of neat. 

I often dream of my grandparents' house in Pleasant Hill, probably because I spent so much time there as a kid.  The bathroom and the master bedroom share a hall closet - I know this because as a child I "locked" myself in the bathroom and ended up crawling through the closet to get out.  Oh, the drama.  Anyway, in this next dream I imagined turning the closet into a second bathroom, and that's about the extent of the dream. 

I also have dreams about bathrooms a lot.  I can't explain those.

The third dream involved traveling somewhere to see 30 Seconds To Mars in concert.  The concert was wild, packed, and amazing, and afterwards I had to fly home.  So I hopped on a airplane that wasn't an airplane - it was a huge flying lounge with lots of seating areas and snack bars and was surprised to be joined by the band!  I was so ecstatic at meeting them and hanging out with them.  That's another theme of my dreams - meeting bands I like or seeing them in concert.  After the flight home, I was joined by several people who I went to school with and we began planning our next trip to see 30STM.

Not very exciting, I know, but a little on the weird side.