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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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The Queen of Broken Hearts

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Getting back into the swing of things...
DC - Raven - uncloaked
I am still sad that I missed the Christmas in July Exchange at GoS.  I completely, totally spaced it and didn't go to the site for a month.  Oops.  I hope to be back as a participant for Christmastime there.

In the meantime, I broke down and finally installed the Sims 3.  I've been playing an inventor/writer/tinkerer guy named Edgar Frankenmuffin and although I totally love him as a Sim - my love of the game is not so great.  Things are weird and glitchy and I really don't like the general LOOK of the game.  I also made a pact with myself that I WILL NOT DOWNLOAD CUSTOM CONTENT for it, since it chugs on my machine as it is.  After playing several weeks with Edgar in Moonlight Falls (of course I would want to play there!), I think can say "eh" to Sims 3.  I'll keep it on my computer, for now, but I'm not going to make stuff for it, nor am I going to embark on huge massive projects for it!
I do dig this guy, though.  He's amazing.

See how I set up that paragraph?  So clever.

In the "huge massive project" department, I've started a build-a-city challenge in Sims 2.  Kind of.  Sort of.  I've never been able to play any challenge EVER as written, and this is less about the challenge and more about telling a story.  I'm writing the story and illustrating it with the Sims, but how the game goes is going to influence the story.  In previous challenges or legacies, I always had trouble between "taking a bunch of pictures and making something up" and "controlling what goes on and making it all scripted."  I'm not much of a reality TV fan, if you couldn't tell.

I don't want to spoil anything, as I've only got the prelude up so far, but I'll probably be spending a lot of time with this.  That includes the possiblity of making custom stuff as I go, which I will gladly share with you lovely fellow simmers.  You can check out the website here @ Amberlin if you're interested in what I'm doing.

I am unreasonably proud of this house...and this picture.

I'm also still working on the Shadowfell Medieval Dye Actions, which are going less awesome as they were initially.  I don't think I'm really going to be able to make them able to overlap one another to do multi-dyes, and I'm thinking about leaving the actions with the multiple layers available for individual tweaking instead of flattening them.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Most of my photographer actions don't flatten the layers at the end, and most of the color actions I have do.  I think being able to make subtle changes as you go makes them far more versatile.  Otherwise, you can just Ctrl+Alt+Z to undo the last action like I do.  

Just a small update from me.  I've been stalking all of your journals and downloading your things, so I haven't gone too far.  :)

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I reinstalled and dabbled for a bit, I bought the supernatural xpac just because I wanted faeries and vampires. =) I really won't have time to do much till winter, I think.

I'm totally weirded out in Moonlight Falls - during every full moon random zombies just emerge from the ground, hang around all night, and then wander off. You can't even DO anything with them.

I totally dig the faerie wings, though. They're really pretty.

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