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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Adventures In Crowby
DC - Raven - uncloaked
 Amberlin, naturally, is already on hold because it's very time-consuming and also the theme I'm using doesn't want to work with the new Wordpress version.  :P

So, I've started ANOTHER project - Adventures in Crowby.  It's primarily supposed to be a writing exercise for me; I haven't written anything in years and it's something I enjoy.  I'm using the amazing Rory's Story Cubes for inspiration - before every chapter I'm rolling them and incorporating my results into the story...somehow.  It's also a Legacy story and a Build-A-City except that I'm not playing by the rules...like at all.  I'm trying to build the entire city of Crowby out of relatives of my founder.  Once he has children moving out, getting married, and starting their own families, I will then be switching to the BACC style and playing each household for the same amount of time.

If any of that sounds remotely interesting, you can check it out here:

Chapter 0 - The Intro - Where we introduce our test subject founder and show off his crappy house.

I have to jump in and edit his stats because I haven't yet.  Otherwise it's done.  So is Chapter 1.0.  I'm working on Chapter 1.1 now.  STUFF TO READ!!!

EDIT: And now Dreamwidth is bitching at me about my two post-dated entries, and I have to go edit THOSE before I can post this one.  Does that make sense TO ANYONE?!