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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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Gossamer Glen
DC - Raven - uncloaked
So in the midst of my previously on hold project of Amberlin and now Adventures In Crowby, I've started something else.

I have a problem with starting projects.

I really really wanted to play Midnight Hollow.  Not just because it is perfectly tailored to exactly what I want to do with my Sims game (I have multitudes of neighborhoods based on Midnight Hollow's premise - colonies of supernatural and normal outcasts from society existing in their own quirky little worlds), but it's full of Victorian Gothic spooky Steampunk-y things.  I've really been trying hard to stay away from Sims 3, but this might just break my will.

And then I tried to update my game and it exploded.  Instead of trying to fiddle with it to get everything to work again, knowing how long it takes to reinstall everything from scratch and how much I've actually played it since its installation, I decided to UNINSTALL IT ALL instead.  No regrets.

Instead, I tracked down a ton of information (including floorplans of the buildings!) of Midnight Hollow and decided to build my own verison.  Not a Sims 2 clone of it, but an 'inspired-by' kind of town.  I already had one in the works called Gossamer Glen that I loved, so I retooled the 'hood in SC4 to look more Midnight Hollow-like.  After a day of fiddling with the 'hood and the deco, it looks something like this:

Thankfully, there's several people doing Midnight Hollow 3t2 conversions, which makes me oh-so-happy, so here's my shout-out to hafiseazale, rented-space, suicide lover, and veranka.  I <3 you all.  Also, everyone who's converting 3t2.  You all rock.  My computer doesn't like Sims 3 and I don't care for it as a game, but OMG THE SHINY THINGS.  My custom content has tipped precariously from "random stuff I think is cool" to "random Sims 3 stuff that I don't need but can't live without".

Because this is a full-on Neighborhood project for me, I've come up with a color palette.  Actually, four.  I have a ton of siding and brick recolors in Aelia's and Curious B's colors, which I adore, but aren't QUITE what I'm looking for here.  So here's the main set:


It's Victorian, but muted.  I like a spectrum of pretty colors.  I've already made color actions for this set and I'm testing them on various things now.  For the most part, I wanted the exteriors of my houses to reflect these colors, although they'll be great for walls and floors too.

So then I went crazy and made more palettes.  One for the neutral tones - sort of like the main colors only even MORE subdued:


And then I needed some whites to go with the colors and neutrals...

And finally, I thought some wood colors would be perfect.


Because I'm insane like that.

If anyone is interested in actions of any of the other sets, please let me know and I'll put some together.  Like I said, the main colors are in testing now - I've made them for textures a lot lighter than what I usually use, so it's taking some getting used to.