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DC - Raven - uncloaked


Your rock 'n roll Joan of Arc

The Queen of Broken Hearts

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Welcome to Starktropolis!
DC - Raven - uncloaked
What if the Avengers were sucked into an alternate reality where they had to build civilization from scratch?

Well, then you'd have STARKTROPOLIS, my superhero BACC based more on less on nepheris' ruleset.  I've taken all the CC out of my game when I was making walls and stuff, so I uploaded some Synaptic Sim's superheroes and my defaults and voila!  

No storytelling here, although the ruleset I'm using is built for a more storytelling chassis.  I'm just taking hilarious pictures of superheroes in costume doing mundane things because it amuses me.  

The households will be rotated as follows:

Iron Man / Pepper Potts (founder)
Ant-Man / Wasp
Spiderman / Thor / Hulk / Captain America
Black Widow / Hawkeye
The Fantastic Four 

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I look forward to the ensuing hilarity.

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