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DC - Raven - uncloaked


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DC - Raven - uncloaked
So I needed a bright yellow recolor of this particular hair for a Sim I'm building, and I said, "What the hell, I'll do all 40 of Pooklet's colors and make it a present."

True story.

These are retextured in the infamous Nymphy Curls (which are one of my favorite textures ever) and recolored in all 40 of Pooklet's actions.  The Naturals are properly binned and familied (and will show up as such), elders will go gray and the files are linked to the blacks.  The Customs are properly eye-searing and awesome.  All files are labeled and Compressorized.  Mesh is included and enabled for all ages.

Masses of credits:

JulieJ for the mesh
Nouk, Nymphy, Pooklet, Pinketamine for the curls texture
Pooklet for the color actions
CatOfEvilGenius for the Color Binning Tool
Simtroverted for pointing out a various obvious fact that led me to figure out why my files weren't working properly